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an automated solution addressing complex search and registration regulations for corporate confirmation searches


PPSA and Corporate Registry

Yesterday financial institutions sought out local or regional Registry Agents to provide a simple “push-pull” service for filing claims of financial interest in collateral assets. Few, narrowly defined, data points were passed electronically to the registries and simple confirmation was returned.

Today loan origination, credit adjudication, decisioning, and other financial data aggregation processes create multiple data entry points within the loan life cycle. These entry points can provide opportunities for data degradation increasing credit portfolio risk and ultimately failed customer service and losses.

AVS has complete electronic connectivity to all the registries across Canada, Australia, and USA providing fully automated solutions with instant and near instant transaction cycle times. We provide deep domain expertise in collateral security management to ensure our customers have perfection over claims.

AVS has strategically connected its service platforms with industry leading adjudication, origination, and credit management providers.