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In one easy to use web-based platform custom designed and hosted for super quick and efficient administration.


Personal property security act (PPSA)

PPSA Direct is a portal to PPSA, RDPRM, UCC and Corporate government registries access for all Canadian Provinces, Australian States and 50 USA States. The technology behind PPSADirect has been providing a systemized gateway to all PPSA Registries since 2002.

We revolutionized the industry by replacing the entrenched service providers, who at the time relied upon the manual data re-entry of Lien searches, requests, amendments, renewals and discharges.

This complicated system of acts and jurisdictions can be a serious impediment to business as your agents are now expected to maintain some level of expertise with numerous acts and disparate provincial registry interfaces and processes. Now your business can benefit from the same technology and tools that Canada’s major financial institutions all utilize to their advantage.

One Technology. All your Lien Search and Filing Needs.

Through a single, web-based desktop application, PPSADirect.com allows users to:

  • Set management and administration security levels
  • Upload batch files from other processes
  • Prepare draft financing statements
  • Conduct electronic lien searches in ALL registries
  • Retrieve PPSA, RDPRM, UCC and Corporate records
  • File PPSA, RDPRM and UCC financing statements electronically at ALL registries
  • Automatically send Debtor Notice Letters
  • Automatically send Secured Party Notice Letters
  • Monitor business entity and debtor status

Lien Portfolio Management

For the greatest flexibility in controlling collateral asset portfolios, PPSADirect.com provides a web-based work management center that enables file editing, easy storage and serves as a single access point.

Streamlined Due Diligence

PPSADirect.com increases efficiency and productivity by providing:

  • Validation of key data against public record databases
  • Automatic checks for compliance and validation
  • ‘Draft view’ snapshot of filing activities at each step
  • Simultaneous multi-jurisdictional searches
  • Simultaneous multi-jurisdictional filings, amendments, renewals, and discharges
  • Customizable work flow e.g., search, file, post file search in one step
  • Parsing search results for use in original filings or downstream management

PPSADirect.com’s customer-centered process brings all due diligence activities together where they belong: on your desk, under your control.